Penang Airport Taxi Fare

This is the information I got from Penang International Airport when searching for taxi information. I posted it to share here with hope that it will provide some of the useful information guide when you are coming to Penang, Malaysia or you are taking taxi back to your home.

The charges basically divided by zones, day time and night time, also type of taxi (car or van). Table below shows the taxi fare. Passenger is required to buy the ticket at the counter. This is a good steps to prevent illegal taxi.

This is the airport taxi counter located at arrival gate in the airport. It just beside the arrival gate.

This is the type of taxi for 4 seaters.

This is the taxi of 10 seater.

(please click on the photo to see the enlarged table). The photo was taken on 15 Sep 2013. The price might be revised from time to time. This information is only serve as a guideline for people who need taxi service from airport. Apologize that I cant find any phone contact information in the signboard.

googlemap-airport taxi station

Airport taxi station location map.

GPS information:  5.293238,100.265287

Latitude : 05°17′35.66″N , Longitude : 100°15′55.04″E


Author: seehong

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