God of Wealth Temple in Paya Terubong, Penang

God of Wealth or God of Fortune is the god in Chinese’s believe in charge of wealth. He is most welcome by people as he will give wealth. This temple is located at Paya Terubong, Penang. It said to be the temple which has the tallest statue of God of Wealth in the world. This temple is located on a hill with a very narrow tar build path way which only can serve only one car at each time. The entrance of this temple is located beside a Chinese school name “Kong Min Branch 2 (公民二校)”, near to Desa Permata residential area.

The statue stand tall in front of the temple and comes with LED digital display for the follower to ask for 4D number.

This digital LED display is located under the statue of God of Wealth which display the Lucky Number to the prayers. This lucky number is “randomly issued by God of Wealth. The prayers will write down the lucky number displayed on the LED display and bring it to bet at 4D Games such as Magnum, Sportstoto, Pan Pools.

The red button is the trigger of the digital LED display. Prayers is required to have a faithful heart and kneel down on the plate and press the red button, the lucky number will display.

This is the praying materials for the God of Wealth. Each set cost RM8.00. It consist of a Yuan Bao and a packet of “Tao Sa Pia”, a type of famous biscuit in Penang which made of yellow bean / soya bean with some sweetness.

This staircase is located in front of the temple for the visitor to reach to the main temple. The handles is made of stainless steel.

This is the main unit of the temple where the followers are praying.

This is the statue of God of Wealth which placed inside the temple.

This is the host of the temple.

This is the “Door God”, god who in charge of watching the door and take care of the security of the temple.

There is a Monkey God temple, Sun Wu Kong as seen in the story of “Journey to the West”, located at the hillside at the back of the God of Wealth temple.

The Monkey God Temple is located at the hillside behind the temple of God of Wealth. The statue of Monkey God standing tall at the hillside. Prayers need to walk on some cement made staircase to reach the temple.

This is the walk way to Monkey God temple.

This are some scenery found around the temple of Monkey God. Nangka Tree and Durian Trees.

This is the car park under the temple. Visitors is required to park their car here. The parking fees is on voluntary basis, any amount.

Behind this temple is actually Kek Lok Si Temple which located at another end of the hill.


Author: seehong

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