Bat’s Cave Temple in Penang

This temple is called “Bat’s Cave Temple”, located at Air Itam, Penang, near to Thi Kong Tua 天公坛. It located at Air Itam area near to Penang Hill railway station. The entrance is at the right hand side of the road when you are coming from the roundabout of Air Itam. It’s right before the railway station.

The host of this temple is Tua Pek Kong. (大伯公). The name “Tua Pek Kong” is in Hokkien, meaning Great Uncle. (Tua means eldest, Pek means the brother of dad). He is one of the pantheon of Malaysian Chinese Gods. It was believed the date Tua Pek Kong arrived in Penang was 40 years before Francis Light in 1746. The back portion of this temple has a cave where the bats are resting, therefore at its name implies, Bat’s Cave Temple.

The bats is resting on the cave with dim light condition. I am trying not to use flash light while capturing this photo because using flash light can cause disturbance to the bats. Therefore are you can see the photo quality is rather poor under the low light condition. The objects hanging on the ceiling of the cave is actually bats.

This fountain is located beside the main entrance of the temple. The wording on the rock recorded the date this temple rebuild. It was on year 2006.

This is the Tua Pek Kong statue at the main hall of the temple. He sit in the middle of two body guard.

This is the Tai Shui statue located at the middle portion of the temple.

This is the tower made of Chinese wine bottles stacking together in tower shape with more than 10 feet tall.

This two live tortoise are placed in the pond. Both of them are very quite. If you not aware of it, you will assume it’s make of stone. It’s real tortoise!

This two giant fish is another attraction of this temple. It’s called Pirarucu. With the body length approx 6-7 feet, they are placed in the pond in the left handside of main hall of the temple. The visitor is not allowed to feed or touch the fish, and throwing coins into the pond is strictly prohibited.


This bat shaped nozzle is a place for prayer to get holy water to wash their hand before going to next step of praying. The next step is to touch the stone-made tortoise for 3 times to ask for luck.

The prayer is proceed to next step of praying – touching the tortoise for 3 times to ask for good luck.

This is a small laughing Buddha statue I found in the temple.

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