Jade Emperor God’s Temple in Penang

Jade Emperor is the ruler of Heaven and all realm of existence of man and hell according to Taoism. He is the one of the most important gods of the Chinese Traditional Religion believe. Jade Emperor is also known by many different names such as “Yu Wang Da Di “(玉皇大帝)or better well know as Tian Gong (天公)in Hokkienese community in Malaysia.

As usual, Jade Emperor’s Birthday will be celebrated widely throughout the Hokkienese community during the 9th day of Chinese New Year. Penang is one of the state in Malaysia which has the most Hokkienese community, therefore you can see the celebration is rather great.

Usually the Hokkienese will carry out the praying session at the midnight of 8th Chinese New Year at in front of their own house. However, there are many people prefer to pray at the temple. In Penang, the temple of Jade Emperor God is located near to Penang Hill, beside the car park of Railway station. The temple was exist since last two century ago. It used to be the place for Penangites to pray for Ti Kong. It is well known as “Ti Kong Tua” 天公坛.

These photos was taken during day time of 9th Chinese New Year as it was really heavy rain on the 8th CNY night. The Water Snake year really brings a lot of water.

jade emperor birthday 3451

 This is the Jade Emperor statue on the main building of the temple. It is located on the top most of the temple compound.

jade emperor birthday 3487

This is the building placed the God of Jade Emperor. Visitors are required to remove their shoe before entering the building.

jade emperor birthday celebration penang

This the back view of the main entrance. Each side of the door is painted with the image of “Door God” or security god to take care of the temple.

jade emperor birthday 3396

This booth located on the stair case going towards the temple. As the staircase from car park toward the temple has some distance, this  booth is good for the elderlies who walk to the temple to take some rest.

jade emperor birthday celebration penang

This is the main entrance of the temple.

jade emperor birthday 3409

This temple is actually mixture of Taoism and Buddhism culture. At the first step entering the temple, you will see this main hall of Buddhism.

jade emperor birthday celebration penang

This is the sugar cane as the most important offering item to Ti Kong. In Hokkien it called “Kam Chia” (sugar cane). It’s the symbolic of Hokkienese use for thank Ti Kong for its help during the war time in those days. Besides, it probably also due to the homophone of “Kam Chia” is similar to “Kam Xia” (thank you).

jade emperor birthday 3443

This cake is called “Huat Kuih”, also another important offering item in most Chinese praying ceremony. “Huat” in Hokkien means expansion. By offering Huat Kuih, prayers wished that their life and business can be expand from their current situation.

jade emperor birthday 3444

This is the joss paper folded into Lotus shape and placed in the offering table. In Hokkien it called “Kim Chua”, gold paper.

jade emperor birthday 3460

The lotus shaped lantern is for making wishes and wishing for brightness throughout the year. It cost RM 12 each for this size.

jade emperor birthday celebration penang

This is the main entrance of Jade Emperor God temple building where the statue of Jade Emperor is placed.

jade emperor birthday 3393

This is the staircase from carpark going toward the top of temple.

Location Map:

GPS Coordinate: 5.409137, 100.277662

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