Kuan Gong Temple in King Street, Penang

This is the signature place you must go when visiting to King Street (Lebuh King) in Georgetown Penang. It’s located in the Georgetown heritage area entering from Lebuh Chulia (Chulia Street) and exit to Lebuh Light (Light Street). Along the way there are many cross junctions.

This temple is known as “Nin Yong Temple” as the signboard above its door frame or also known as “Wu Di Miao” 武帝庙. The host of the temple is known as General Guan Yu (or also known as Kuan Kong, in Hokkien). It was exist for more than 100 years since the last 2 century in the place. It’s one of the oldest temple in Penang Island.

It’s a famous place for business man and sales person to ask for blessing.

guan gong temple king street

The temple building is join together with another two association’s building.


This is the main hall of the temple with the General Guan Yu as host.


The statue of Guan Yu (Kuan Kong), Prince Kuan Peng, General Chow Cheong.


This is the candle stand for prayers. The wording written as “Tai Shan Ning Yang Hui Guan”


View form another angle of the temple.


The view of the temple entrance.


The birthday list of gods in the temple:

  • General Kuan Kong – 13th day of 1st month of Luna Calendar.
  • Prince Kuan Peng – 13th day of 5th month
  • General Kuan Kong – 24th day of 6th month
  • General Chow Cheong – 30th day of 10th month






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Location Maps

kuan kong temple


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