Penang Must Eat Hawker Local Food

One of the famous attraction in Penang is the food. Penang also well known as Food Paradise. In fact, restaurants are everywhere around the island, but which one is the “must go”? Here is the place that you must go if you are looking for local hawker food – Lebuh Cecil Market, a local food hawker center operated by city council. You can get a collection of delicious Penang local food. Lebuh Cecil Market also known as “7th Road Market” (七条路巴刹)。

1. Pasembur / Cheh Hu 鲜鱼


2. Popiah 薄饼



3. Curry Mee 咖喱面


penang curry mee 槟城咖喱面

4. Char Koay Teow 炒果条


char koay teow 槟城炒果条

5. Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉


6. Hokkien Mee / Prawn Mee 福建面、虾面


penang prawn noodle

7. Char Koay Kak 炒果角


penang char koay kak 槟城炒果角

Operating Hours

Lunch time to Afternoon.

Location Maps:

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