Using Web WhatsApp


WhatsApps recently launched a new feature to allow users to link their phone to computer using Google Chrome browser. This feature was found in WeChat long time ago and now able to found in WhatsApp as well.


  • As at Jan 2015, WhatApp only support Android and Google Chrome combination. It will not work in iPhone and other browsers.

Why Web Version?

  • To allow user to use their WhatsApp from computer.
  • To create convenience to user when typing. Typing is easier in big keyboard of computer than small keyboard in smartphone.

How to start using the new feature?

1. Update your WhatsApp apps to latest version from Google Play.

2. Visit to Windows as below will pop up.

Web whatsapp 2

3. Press the bottom left button in Android Phone (depends on the phone model and manufacturer) in your phone to make the pop up  as below. Select “WhatsApp Web”.

.web whatsapp

4. Point your phone to the page just now. Scan the QR code with your phone. It will connect immediately if everything ok. You can start to use it then.


Currently, as Jan 2015, the apps is only works with Google Chrome browsers. If you try to access with other browsers, it will display a page as below.

web whatsapp no firefox

Sample page when access with FireFox browser.

Author: seehong

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