Traditional Make Up – “Wan Lian” (挽脸)


This is something interesting found in one of the exhibition booth during Penang Chinese New Year Cultural & Heritage Celebration 2013 event.

It is a conventional facial treatment technology used by village woman in China back in those days during our grandma time. The name of this treatment is called “Wan Lian” 挽脸, which carry the meaning of “recover the face” to make a girl looks more pretty. According to the history, this treatment is used to remove the fine hair on a single girl’s face and it only allowed to do once in their lifetime on the  eve of her wedding ceremony. However, this saying has become not true in today’s society. Good things can be apply in anytime!

The equipment of doing this facial treatment is rather simple. It’s made of a string and facial powder. Usually the job is carried out by experienced “Wedding Chair Lady” (送嫁娘) in today’s community.

Author: seehong

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