How to Prevent Handphone from Overcharged

Here is some tips to share on how to prevent our handphone from overcharged and prolong the battery’s life.

I have been using this method for years and it has proven work for me and I am sure it is work for everyone too. The concept is pretty simple. It control the time when to charge and when to stop. You just need this timer which easily get it from hypermarket. For this example, I get this type (below white color) cost me around RM10 during promotion and RM 16.90 for black color timer because it is miniature type.

Although every phone comes with auto cut function in the circuitry, however, it will still cause damage to the phone and battery if we letting the electricity keep charging. So I get this timer to control the charging time. 3955

This is the miniature timer which cost slightly expensive, but it looks good as the size is smaller. It’s very useful to bring along when travelling. 4138

Close up look for miniature / slim timer.  At the dial, we can program when to power on and when to power off. Depends on the charging time required, usually a smart phone need around 2-3 hours to full charge from 10% to 100%. So from here we can program the time to automatically charge at the preset time, then auto cut off when the time elapsed.

For example, if your phone need 3 hours to charge. You can set to make the phone start charging at 4am and turn off at 7am (3 hours). By the time you wake up at 7am to go work, your phone is just fully charged with 100%. It’s just nice. Otherwise, if you start charging the phone before you go to sleep, the charging time might be 7-8 hours which is consider overnight charging. It’s bad for your phone.

This white color timer is the standard timer. It cost me RM9.90 to get it from Tesco during promotion. It looks good and work for some time already. It’s good for home use as the size is bulky.



Author: seehong

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