Chin Swee Temple, Genting Malaysia

This temple is located in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. Build on thousands feet above the sea level, this is one of the famous temple in Malaysia. Beside casino and entertainment city, this is also one of the famous tourist spot you must visit, especially if you are Buddhist or Taoist.

I pretty like this place as it is a very unique place for relaxing. The temple with Chinese style building architecture is giving a lot of heaven feel. This temple was started by the late Tan Sri Dr. Lim Goh Tong, the founder of Genting Bhd together with a group of people started since 1970’s. swee temple 2803

9-Level Pagoda, Sky Gate & Temple. swee temple 2805

Goh Tong Hall. swee temple 2767

This is the main host of the temple – Chin Swee swee temple 2793 swee temple 2789 swee temple 2777 swee temple 2787

View from top, its actually the road going down hill from casino. swee temple 2785

Coil form joss stick swee temple 2809

Giant Size Buddha statue locate at the back of temple. swee temple 2782

Koi fish in the pond. swee temple 2774

Holly water source inside the Chin Swee temple. swee temple 2830 swee temple 2761 swee temple 2760

the Pagoda swee temple 2914

Inside the pagoda, the staircase for climbing up to the levels of pagoda. swee temple 2912

View to heaven park from pagoda. swee temple 2911 swee temple 2908 swee temple 2897

The statue of Genting Group Founder, Tan Sri Dr. Lim Goh Tong. swee temple 2896 swee temple 2890 swee temple 2876 swee temple 2840 swee temple 2866 swee temple 2875 swee temple 2872



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