Weekend Outpatient Clinic in Penang

Recently I discovered this information when sending someone to General Hospital Penang for blood test during weekend due the clinic is off day.

Hope this will be good information for you if you are looking for some clinic to visit during weekends as most of the clinics are also closed.

penang gh outpatient 39.02

English translation of the red boxed information.

Locum Clinic Operation Hours:

Mon-Fri : 5.15pm – 10.00pm

Sat ,Sun & Public Holidays : 9am – 10.00pm

The clinic is located beside the car park at Penang General Hospital. 001 is the unit / room number.

penang gh outpatient 0.41.36

penang gh outpatient 0.51.11

The facade of the outpatient clinic building.

penang gh outpatient 0.41.51

Then door is closed after normal operation hours.

penang gh outpatient 0.41.04

The outpatient clinic entrance is at the back of building. You can reach by making a loop to the back of the building or go along the walkway in the pharmacy section.

penang gh outpatient 1.11.23

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