Water Conservation Tips for Home

This is a simple tips how we can conserve water and prevent unnecessary overflow of water at home. This plastic float valve was originally designed for toilet flushing tank, however I did managed to get it from DIY hardware shop to replace the water tap of the water pool in the bathroom with some simple piping modification with PVC pipe. It’s cost about RM7 to get one.

As the photo shown, the float valve as steadily fixed with the piping. Water fill flow in to fill up the water pool until it reached the pre-set level. When the water level reached the preset level, the ball float will lift up and then closed the valve. It will make the water stop flow out from the valve.


Now water level reaches the pre-set level and it the flow stop.


This is a simple and useful tips that able to help to conserve water at our home. It do give convenience to us because we no need to keep an eye on the water tap when filling the pool. It do help to make sure the pool always full with water.


Author: seehong

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