Travel Info: Electric Power Plug Standard for Medan, Indonesia

Recently I have chance to travel to Medan, Indonesia for short business trip.

power plug-5

This is the power plug (BS1363 Type G) we use in Malaysia. It widely used across Malaysia, so we have no problem if we travel around the country.

Electrical plug standard is different from country to country. As in Malaysia, our electrical plug standards is follow British standard (BS1363 Type G) across the nation, so we have no problem no matter where we go within the country. However, I discovered that the power plug type is not standardized in Medan, Indonesia. As this is the first time I been there, I did faced come challenge to plug my laptop in hotel room as I was given wrong information by a friend over there. Therefore I hope that this article will give some information for those who going there.

Voltage: AC220V, ungrounded.

power plug-1

It’s advisable to read the input voltage of an electrical device before connected to power source. The label shows that this is a universal power supply as the input voltage is accepting the voltage range from 110V to 240V. It means this charger adapter can be use worldwide.

power plug-2

This is the power socket found in our hotel room. It 2-pin socket with rounded pin. AC220V, 10A power supply.

power plug-4

The adaptor I use to connect the laptop plug.

power plug-6

The adaptor is connected with iPad charger.

power plug-3

Front view of the adaptor. It allow to connect 3 pin plug.

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