Fried Ti Kuih with Sweet Potato & Yam

“Ti Kuih”, “Nian Gao” or Chinese New Year cake is a “must have” new year delicacies among Chinese community. It symbolize a raising of oneself taller in each coming year. Therefore it widely used in praying ceremony and also as gift to each other during home visits. As  the major ingredient is sugar and flour, it comes with sweet taste which is difficult to eat directly. Usually it will stock up after Chinese New Year and turn to this pastry by adding sweet potato and yam in deep fried.

new year cake 2

This is the cross section of the cake. Usually it made of 3 layers. On left, the top layer is Yam slides. Middle layer is the sweeten part (ti kuih) and the bottom layer purple color is potato. On right, the Ti Kuih is placed in between 2 pieces of sweet potato. According to our own taste, we can either put in sweet potato slides or yam slides.

new year cake 6

This is the original Ti Kuih.

new year cake 3

This is the Ti Kuih slides which has been cut into slides shape to couple with Yam and Sweet Potato using mixed flour.

new year cake 4

The cake is ready to serve.

new year cake 5


Author: seehong

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