5 dish 1 soup for Dinner in Penang?

Recently Penang State Government proposed that effective year 2015, restaurant should only 5 dishes 1 soup (instead of 8 usually) in their course dinner for wedding and organization function to prevent food wastage and help to save money. This proposal receive many criticism with both support and discourage.

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In my opinion, this is a good move as serving 8 type of course generally is a wastage in most of the dinner event. Typically:

1. Mixed plate

2. Soup

3. Chicken

4. Fish

5. Prawn

6. Vegetable

7. Rice

8. Dessert




7th dish – Rice. Most of the guest has full or leave the hall. Therefore it’s a wastage.


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8th dish. Dessert.

5 dish-sinchew

5 dish-kwongwah

Author: seehong

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