Water Ubah in Penang

[Water Ubah as been removed from the location effective 3 Sep 2013]

The popular mascot of Democratic Action Party – DAP (the major ruling party of Penang State Government) “UBAH” has arrived at , in front of Nautilus Bay Houses near Sg Pinang here in form of giant air ballon. This mascot originally is a bird named Rhinoceros Hornbill  from Sarawak. It was then used as mascot of political party with name “Ubah” (Change) during a by-election once ago. The name “Ubah” is widely accepted by the general citizen in Malaysia who which to see a change in the country since then.

Water ubah was officially launched on 13 Jul 2013 by Penang Chief Minister, who is also the Secretary General of DAP, YAB Lim Guan Eng. It expected to be there until 31 Aug 2013 as reported in newspaper. The place has become a attraction point for people to take photo with water ubah.

Some facts about Water Ubah:

  • Diameters – 7.6 m x 10.9 m
  • Weight – 250 kg
  • Cost of construction – RM 60,000

If you are coming from Penang Bridge or Bayan Lepas direction, go along the way at Jelutong Expressway (or also known at Tun Dr. Lim Chong Ewe Expressway) after passby TESCO (Gelugor). Keep left when you reach Sg Pinang exit.

penang ubah bird-0122

Turn right when you reach the junction.

penang ubah bird-0146

Go along the way, go til the end and then turn right (in front of the 4 big pole).

penang ubah bird-0437

This is the IJM Promenade


Once you turn right, you will see the Water Ubah is parking at the seaside.

penang ubah bird-0828

Customer service kiosk.

penang ubah bird-1141

Water Ubah is resting at the seaside. Behind is Penang Bridge.

penang ubah bird-1156

Water Ubah in close up view.

penang ubah bird-1254

The location map. Click to see in Google Map

penang ubah bird-location



GPS Coordinate: 5.395616,100.327275

Latitude : 05°23′44.22″N, Longitude : 100°19′38.19″E

Author: seehong

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